W.A. Sports Performance & Fitness

Membership and Training Packages

Athletic Development Programs

Not just for athletes, our fully individualised and coached memberships can suit any health or performance goals! We will guide you step by step in your journey towards elite performance our return to play.


From $55 per week*

Our flagship Athletic Development Program is for all serious athletes aiming to take their performance to the next level.
Programs are individualised to enhance Strength, Power and Speed, whilst focusing on injury prevention methods to keep you on the field all season.
Each membership includes:
  • Goal setting consultation
  • Movement screening and performance testing (re-test every 12 weeks)
  • An individually designed program targeting your goals (updated every 3-6 weeks)
  • Coaching and supervision by our qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches during our ADP sessions.
  • Extended hours swipe access to our gym facilities
  • Full access to your coaches 24/7 for advice

* Our programs are designed with long term development and success in mind. To get the best out of you, we expect a commitment of at least 12 months to ensure maintained success. Shorter training terms are certainly available, however, higher weekly costs may be involved.



Our Youth Athletic Development Program is for aspiring athletes or for young adults looking to enhance their fitness and strength!

Designed and Coached by our experienced ASCA accredited coaches to ensure quality whilst building robust and healthy bodies following tried and tested Long Term Athletic Development models.

Classes are small to ensure safety and quality coaching and supervision.

From $22 per week



Exercise Physiology Based Group Fitness

Bulletproof your body and alleviate those niggles and aches with our Scientifically designed sessions designed to get you stronger, moving better and injury free!

Recovery based training uses the same scientific methodologies used by professional athletes, to not only reach your relative peak level of fitness, but to make you feel more energised and injury free.

Traditional High Intensity training too often leaves you tired and beat up, so why not train smarter and try our ” Bulletproofed – Recovery Based Training!”

Sessions are 50-60 minutes in length and include:

  • Injury Prevention techniques for common hot spots (low back, knees, shoulders)
  • Strength and Power using traditional, scaled Barbell/Kettlebell techniques
  • Aerobic Conditioning using bikes, rowers, running and strength circuits

$45/week (plus one off sign up of $30)

– Free 20 minute consult and movement screen

– Unlimited access to our programmed ‘Bulletproofed: Recovery Based Training’ sessions

– General gym access for “Open Gym” sessions to be used for extra sessions outside schedule classes (program available to follow)

– 5% off all Personal Training and 10% off family members fees for multiple members from one family.




45 minute and 60 minute Private Training Options

Personal  training (1 on 1) – 1 Hour Sessions. From $60 per hour

Small Group Private Training (2-5 on 1) – 1 Hour Sessions. From $25.50 per person (1 Hour)

Please enquire online or via email


General gym access to our Strength and Conditioning Facility boasting 9 squat racks, 3 Olympic platforms, all the regular dumbbells and bars, as well as over 100m2 of turfed area for sleds, sprints and agility work.

  • All Access Membership – $25 per week

*Minimum 3 months membership + $25 access tag

Memberships limited to ensure maximum member experience!