Having worked across 5 countries, developing athletes of all levels, across a range of all sports, there was one thing that became clear about the athlete development system here in Australia.

Unless you were already elite, and training at a National Institute or Professional Sporting Club, you were only provided with the bare minimum support to succeed physically.

Athletes were banged up and struggling to play without pain, or simply, not up to scratch physically when it came time to join the elite and open age squads.

This lead to an ever-growing gap between the best and the rest.
Simply..too much talent was falling through the gaps or getting lost to career-ending injuries.

WA Sports Performance was born out of the necessity of change in the system. We decided we would help lead the way in how developing athletes trained, by providing each and every one of them, no matter how big or small the goal, the facility, programs and support that they need, built from over 10+ years of elite level coaching experience.

Our center strives to give everyone the chance to succeed and continually strives to elevate the levels of its coaches and athletes, to establish itself, and be looked at in the same vein as the government-run institutes and professional sporting clubs.
This is truly a space for everyone and every goal

Dan Barry
founder & head coach

Masters of Sports Science
ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Across over 10 years now as a professional S&C Coach, Dan has had the opportunity to work with and support hundreds of athletes, ranging from developing athletes, all the way to leading performance teams for World Cups/Olympic Qualifying events for National Sporting Organizations abroad.

He has worked across a range of sports and organisations such as:

WACA / Shanghai Institute of Sport / Indonesian Olympic Committee / Indian National Hockey / Pakistan National Hockey / Perth Wildcats / East Fremantle Football Club

Upon returning from working in India, he decided that the development system for athletes in Australia needed help.

Second tier athletes and athletes battling to return to sport from injury, were simply not looked after the same way as the pro athletes. From this WA Sports Performance was born back in late 2017, with the vision to provide up and comers and banged up athletes, the same opportunities to reach their athlete peak as the pros.

Gavin MUIR
rehab & performance coach

Bachelor of Sports Science (Hons) – Biokinetics
Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSA)
ASCA Level 1 Coach

Gavin has been involved in Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation of athletes at various levels, including National and Olympic level, in several sporting codes including cricket, rugby union, field hockey, track and field, and para-athletes, since 2010.

Prior to joining WASP, Gavin worked as the Head S&C for the Hollywoodbets Dolphins State Cricket Franchise for the last 8 years and also recently the South African ‘A’ side cricket team.

jed kuntz
performance coach

Masters of Exercise and Sports Science
ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jed has worked with numerous amateur and semi-professional athletes across sports such as Rowing, Swimming, Netball, Basketball and AFL.

He has engaged in a wide range of training environments including working with youth athletes, team sport athletes in preparation for their competitive seasons and general population to achieve their health and performance related goals, as well as in community rehabilitative settings with individuals with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities.

Jed is highly passionate about optimising performance with an evidence-based approach to training.

ryan grove 
performance coach 

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Hons)
ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ryan has been involved in Strength & Conditioning  for a number of years across a range of sporting codes including Soccer, Tennis and Basketball.

He plays a huge part in WASP’s onboarding & performance testing process for new athletes to the program.

His biggest highlight to date was heading the S&C for Perry Lakes Hawks Basketball and being a part of their SBL title in 2018.

He is enthusiastic about people and personal development, with a keen interest in delivering quality sporting performance enhancing services.


Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy
ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

With 10 years of Physiotherapy experience, in conjunction with being an elite level athlete for over 13 years, Christian brings a unique understanding of sporting injuries and recognises the physical and emotional impact they can have on an athlete.

He promotes the value of an extensive and targeted rehabilitation process to not only get you back to where you were before injury, but to return stronger and more resilient.

Christian is passionate about helping athletes become the best possible version of themselves and return to play a better athlete than before their injury