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Most athletes outside the pro environment can be put into one of the following boxes in regard to their physical preparation…
1. They follow a program from their local club, which was designed for 30+ others, all having differing needs..

2. They downloaded a cookie cutter program from the internet, with no context as to who this was for or no idea if the coach or methods have ever worked with actual athletes..

3. Or even worse, they threw something together themselves…few squats here, few push ups, not knowing there’s years of experience needed to design high level programs for athletes..
Simply, they are just ticking a box thinking they are doing the right thing..

But if simply ticking the box was enough, we’d expect to see resilient, powerful and confident athletes everywhere.

But… we don’t.

In reality, we see athletes who are on the injury merry-go-round, getting slower and de-conditioned and unable to tap into what makes them a talent AND what holds them back.

Luckily…that’s not their fault…and we’re here to help!

That’s why we created the Athlete Development Program (ADP)…

We believe every athlete should have the chance to work with experienced coaches, in a purpose built environment, to give themselves every chance to succeed…
From local leagues to the pro leagues…we’ve got a solution for all sports lovers.


Brandon GIBBS

Field Hockey – Perth Thundersticks / WASPS

The coaches at WA Sports Performance are extremely knowledgeable and created a program that was exactly what I was after. Training at a gym with other athletes all looking to achieve their goals definitely set a great atmosphere of like minded people wanting to get the best out of each other. Couldn’t recommend them enough if your new to strength and conditioning or established in your sport and looking to step things up a notch.

Liv Clifford

Karate – Australian Open Champion

I’ve been training at WASP for a few years now and what a difference the training has done for my direct sport! The gym is a 5 star facility along with its brilliant coaches. An amazing group of people who work harder than any other gyms I have been with. I have never been fitter or stronger than how I am at present date!

Asha Hickford

Inline Skating – Australian Champion

Since I joined WASP my training has improved a lot. They really helped me maximise my strength and conditioning in my preparation for my competitions in Europe. I noticed a big difference in my speed and explosiveness which has helped a lot in my racing. I really enjoy coming to WASP with the Great atmosphere and coaching.

How the program works

Our Athlete Development Program (ADP) improves athleticism to support the physical demands of your chosen sport. We help athletes of all levels improve their weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength, power and speed. We are one of the only complete athlete only support services available in Perth.

Physio Screening & Performance Testing

Every athlete who trains with us starts by undergoing a comprehensive injury risk assessment and physical performance testing. This helps discover the unique pathway you will be assigned to, that will develop your strength, power, speed and overall athleticism.

Customised Programming

With an insight into where your current athleticism is, we’ll get to work designing your individualised program to complement and fit in with your sports schedule. All your strength and power training, fitness and conditioning, and, sprint mechanics will be customised for you.

Train in the ADP

Now that your program is designed and coordinated with your sports training schedule, you’re ready to hit the ground running!
You’re now ready to join our small group, coached sessions and get to work under the guidance of qualified and experioenced coaches.

meet our head of performance 

Dan has been involved with professional and amateur sport for over a decade now. He has worked with both junior and senior athletes from local sport right the way to Olympic and National Teams, across sports such as Field Hockey, Basketball, AFL, Swimming, Track Cycling, Volleyball & Combat Sports.

“Laying the foundations of strength and movement is something that I am passionate about, and something that I see as key to not only a high level athletes career, but the everyday sportsperson at all levels.

Previously, these methods and facilities were only available to those that have already ‘made it’ leaving a great divide in young talent development in Australia.

WA Sports Performance endeavours to bridge this gap and give everyone the chance to train like a pro, under the guidance of highly trained professional coaches, to try and realise their sporting dream.”


When you join the ADP, you’ll have everything you need to feel fully prepared.

* You’ll be fully supported every step of your athletic performance
* You’ll have full confidence in your physical ability to perform on game day.
* You’ll have the confidence knowing you’ve ticked every box to avoid preventable injuries.

  • 2 x Weekly 1 on 1 – 60 min Private Coached Sessions (Value $12,480
  • 5 x Performance Testing & Reporting ($1250 value)
  • Unlimited Team Training & Gym Access ($4500 value)
  • Unlimited Use Of Our Recovery Services ($500 value)
  • Discounted access to our onsite Physio & Sports Dietician


per week

** 12 Month training package. For shorter durations, extra charges apply.

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