“For athletes looking for the edge on their competition”



Our Athlete Development Program (ADP) improves athleticism to support the physical demands of sport. We help athletes of ALL LEVELS bulletproof their weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength, power and speed.. 

Here is how it works…


After discussing the goals you’re looking too achieve, our Physio & Performance coaches will use the latest technology, to test your current movement, injury risk level & physical performance to ensure the right program is written for you.


No athlete is the same. Based off your Physio screen and Performance Testing we design a program just for you and your sports unique demands, and review it every 4-6 weeks to ensure it’s meeting your goals. The plan is accessible via app so you can train anywhere, anytime!


Training environment is key to success! Our Athlete Development Program sessions are where athletes of all sports work alongside each other, under the watchful eyes of our coaches, to inspire and encourage success.


Our Physio and Performance Coaches are highly qualified and have over 30 years combined experience with athletes from Olympic level to local sports.

When you join the ADP, you’ll have everything you need to feel fully prepared.

You’ll be able to stop guessing about your athletic performance and guarantee your results.

You’ll have unwavering confidence in your physical and mental ability to perform.

You’ll have the confidence knowing you’ve done everything you can to avoid unnecessary injuries.

And you’ll be able to stop doubting yourself in the moments that it counts the most

Your Investment

Athletic Development Program

  • Your membership includes:
  • Comprehensive Physiotherapy Screen
  • Initial and Quarterly Athletic Performance Testing & Reporting
  • Individualised Performance Program
  • Unlimited Coached Sessions
  • Extended Hours Gym Swipe Access
  • Unlimited Recovery Compression Pants Use
  • On-site Physio Support
  • On-site Sports Dietitian Support
  • Based off full-season training package (1 year). For shorter durations, slightly extra charges apply



Dan has been involved with professional and amateur sport for over a decade now. He has worked with both Youth and Adult athletes from local sport right the way to Olympic and National Teams, across sports such as Field Hockey, Basketball, AFL, Swimming, Track Cycling, Volleyball & Combat Sports.

“Laying the foundations of strength and movement is something that I am passionate about, and something that I see as key to not only a high level athletes career, but the everyday sportsperson at all levels. Previously, these methods and facilities were only available to those that have already ‘made it’ leaving a great divide in young talent development in Australia. WA Sports Performance endeavours to bridge this gap and give everyone the chance to train like a pro, under the guidance of highly trained professional coaches, to try and realise their sporting dream.”



Everything you need answered about our program!

With your membership to the Athlete Development Program, you’ll receive:

– 5 x Performance Testing sessions per year
– Unlimited coaching within our small-squad environment
– Full swipe access to our facility (4am to 11pm)
– Unlimited use of our recovery compression pants
– Your own individualised performance program
– Discounted access to our in-house Physio for any treatment and injury rehab services.

When you pay for these services separately, it could easily cost $10,000 per year. With the ADP membership, you’ll pay from $65 per week!

All our programs are individualised as needed for our athletes as we know that no two people are created equally. After completing your performance testing and physio injury screening, we will be able to identify exactly what you need to take your performance to the next level in a way that is unique to you and you sport.

We are constantly measuring an athlete’s performance. Whether that’s in day-to-day training recording, face to face chats, or more formally every twelve weeks with performance testing, we hold ourselves accountable to your progress. To truely know if you’ve improved we know it must be able to measured!

Sure are! We currently have 10 x 75 minute time slots in which you are training alongside up to 5 other athlete per coach in duty. All our coaches are highly qualified so you will be well watched and coached throughout.

Just like skills training, athletic performance’s success banks on long term commitment to the process. The greatest athletes on earth don’t look for a quick fix, and we don’t take that approach either. 

Our program works in season cycles (1 year). It gives us enough time for our expertise and training systems to combine with your work ethic to get incredible results. Most of our best athletes have completed multiple years with us and are seeing excellent results on field.

You may do shorter periods if you are training for something more short term, but there is a higher rate for these programs. 

The cost of joining the ADP is from $65 a week (full year package). To see the complete inclusions in the ADP, scroll up to the section above this FAQ.

We are in Willetton at 12/113 High Road.

It is located behind the Bunnings on High Road and  can be found in the rear carpark (access also off Augusta Street).



I have had the pleasure of training at WASP for over a year now and what a difference the training has done for my direct sport. The gym is a 5 star facility along with its brilliant coaches. An amazing group of people who work harder than any other gyms I have been with. I have never been fitter or stronger than how I am at present date!
Olivia Clifford
Australian Champion - Karate
WASP created a unique program tailored to my body and needs, which consisted of physical testing and screening, and weekly workouts, in preparation for my upcoming WNBL season. Not only is the gym itself top class with great quality equipment, but the workouts themselves dove into the specific movements required to play basketball at the top levels. After 3 months of working out at WASP I now feel strong, capable and prepared to enter the professional season. I highly recommend WASP for who wants to push themselves to see how good they can be.
Nat Burton
WNBL - Sydney Flames / 2016 Olympian - Basketball
I’ve been part of the athletes program for a bit more than 2 years now. Hands down, the best decision I took For my ice hockey career. I increased power, explosion, speed and strength very quickly because of my personalize program and the knowledge of Danny Barry. The place to train like a pro.
Yoann L
WA State Ice Hockey League MVP 2020 - Ice Hockey
I’ve been training at WA Sports Performance for several months now, during my recovery from injury and return to competitive sport. I can honestly say that I have never been stronger and more disciplined since starting here, including before injury. My program is tailor-made to address every aspect of my sport and my recovery, and I have already seen massive improvements in my performance across the board. Highly reccomend for athletes wanting to go that extra step!
Desiree Tan
I have been working with the experienced coaches at WA sports performance for several months now. The team are extremely client-focused and goal-orientated and have tailored my program specifically to my sport (netball). The 1-on-1 sessions with coaches Ryan and Dan have been invaluable and the 3- monthly testing has helped me keep on track with my goals. In addition, they are extremely knowledgeable about injury prevention and have always incorporated this into my training program. As a result I feel much stronger and fitter and ready for my sport!
I have been coming to WASP for over a year and have loved it. I started here because I wanted to gain more strength to increase my boxing performance and I have seen a massive gain since attending. . I love how we can track the improvements by undertaking different tests before and after a block of training. I highly recommend.
Brandon Rees
Australian Amateur Champion (Heavy Weight) - Boxing